Questionable Dogs

So many of us have pets that we truly love and enjoy.  Often a lot of planning and thought goes toward the purchase or acquisition of a pet.  We were tossing the idea back and forth as to whether or not to get a dog or cat for our next pet until a stray "pre-teen" cat walked into our hearts and lives.  When she was young and frisky she loved to chase and harass the Pomeranians and Chihuahuas in her life.

Working as a property manager I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people and their pets.  I once rented to a vet tech who had several "special" dogs.  They were all very well tempered and well socialized, even the pit bull. 

Many owners and property managers won't even consider renting to people with "questionable" dogs.  Dogs like Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobbermans, etc. raise red flags with thoughts of lacerations, mangled corpses and potential lawsuits.  Many owners and property managers have a blanket policy that excludes potentially dangerous types of animals. These concerns are not without merit and are definitely a consideration when evaluating potential renters and their impact on the community.  When I rent to anyone I want to meet everyone who will be living at the property.  This includes pets.  Even pets can have an impact for positive or negative in the surrounding community and I want to be sure it is positive.

Did I mention the vet tech's pit bull was an eleven year old rescue dog that had had cancer surgery.  She was well tempered, friendly and mellow.  Yes, you need to carefully consider certain pets with greater caution and scrutiny, but a blanket policy may exclude not only some potentially great renters, but also some wonderful pets as well.