Ralph at RMB Associates was a key element in making our first experience in being landlords positive. We found a property we were interested in purchasing but because of the low market value at the time decided to rent our existing home rather than sell. We contacted Ralph and he helped walk us through every step of the process. His time showing the house and careful process of screening the applicants helped us greatly in finding renters. He operated as the main contact person for the renters and was very helpful in coordinating a few minor upkeep and repair issues which we had during the tenancy. At the end of the lease period our renters chose to move and the real estate market had improved enough that we decided to sell. Ralph continued to provide invaluable assistance in the process of closing out the lease, dealing with a final walk-through of the house and determining appropriate refund of security deposits. We enjoyed working with Ralph and if the need for a property manager ever arises for us again he would be the first person we contact. 

Alan Yoder

RMB Associates is recommended highly.
RMB Associates is Ralph Becker, a "hands on" professional with many years of expertise.
RMB Associates protected me by analyzing every rental applicant thoroughly.
RMB Associates protected my property by keeping in touch with the renters and addressing problems immediately.
RMB Associates is highly recommended..

Mark Barbusack